Reference hours

TimeWriter is ideally suited to keep track of the hours worked by employees. The system can also check whether an employee has booked in enough hours. It is very nice to keep an eye on every week if all hours are booked properly. Any deviations can be signaled so quickly and early so that backlogs are prevented.

In TimeWriter I can set the system to check for this automatically. The system does this every time I start or close the program and warns me if the hours deviate. As a result, employees are notified early if their bookings are incorrect.

In addition, TimeWriter offers a reporting option per period. I can then choose whether I want an overview per period or precisely per employee. I can request this report myself at any time. Any deviations are shown in red so that I can see at a glance whether an employee needs my attention or not.

Set reference hours
If I want to keep track of whether employees book their hours well, I will first have to set how many hours the different employees actually work. I do this with the employee's master data. At reference hours I click on new and enter here the number of hours per week that the employee works.

The "of week" field is optional. This is especially useful if an employee sometimes changes the number of hours that he / she has to work. With this field I can tell TimeWriter that this employee only had to book for 20 hours but later for example 32 hours. Or vice versa if someone starts working less.

Provision for "time control"
Under Settings I can indicate whether TimeWriter should check the hours or not. With the settings Check Hours, I can set the properties of this function in a way that works well for me.

To set this up, I click on Edit. Now I can indicate how many weeks ago I want to have checked, and I can check the boxes when I want TimeWriter to do the check. Optionally, I can also choose not to close the program if enough hours have not been accounted for.

When the control has run and TimeWriter sees that something is wrong I get to see a screen with the hours that TimeWriter has found. The image shows that I have not accounted for a number of hours in weeks 10 and 11.

Optionally, I can now also adjust the number of weeks to be checked here and then press check again. This way I can see if other weeks were right or not.
This screen will be shown to the employee who has logged in himself and is also about the hours of that employee.

I can also request this check manually when booking the hours. If I have any doubts about how I will end up with all hours, I can click on File, check hours. This provides the same check and dialogue window. This means that it is not necessary to close the program first to run the check.

Balance Reports
As a manager, I naturally also want to know if everyone books all hours well. Does everyone work the right hours and are all hours well justified? Not too much, but not too little either?
If I want to know if everyone has booked a correct number of hours I go to the Reports and choose Balance reports.
Here I can choose from various types of balance reports.

If I want to know per employee whether he / she has booked all the hours well, I choose "Balance per Employee". The report now bundles all the hours per employee.

I can also choose “Balance per week” and then I get a weekly overview of the employees who have booked hours in that week (or should have done so).
For each report I can always indicate the period over which I want the information.

The reports show me at a glance whether everyone has booked the right hours. Where it deviates, the hours are displayed in red so that they immediately stand out.

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