What is TimeWriter?

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What is TimeWriter?

TimeWriter allows you to quickly and efficiently register hours worked and allocate them to customers or projects. The easy to use Week grid lets you schedule hourly bookings/appointments. Hourly bookings can include multiple details. These can be predetermined data, but can also be free work descriptions. The reporting function can be used to produce clear overviews of hours worked over random time periods.


Apart from this basic functionality TimeWriter also offers functions for monitoring budgets and for performing leave administration.


Unique TimeWriter Standard properties

Some of the unique properties of TimeWriter Standard include:

Very simple to use; no training course required.

Intended for use by 2 to (approx.) 25 concurrent users.

Simply create hourly bookings in the Week grid or the Fixed hours list.

Clients for Android and iOS (iPad & iPhone).

Maximum of 3 booking contexts (e.g. Customer, Product, Activity).

Enter data in user defined fields for master data and hourly bookings.

Use of tariff agreements.

Clear default reports and possibility to design own reports.

Separable functionality for users and administrators.

Terminology is matched to that commonly used within the organisation.

Local or cloud database.

Enter hourly bookings via internet browser from anywhere. **

Desktop clients for Windows and OS-X (Mac).


** Only available via the cloud database.