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Win the race of time with the advanced time tracking software


Time runs on its space, therefore you can never bind time. Instead, you need to need to proactive and patient to deal with time. No matter whether it’s your personal life or professional time follows its course smartly and you have to be smarter enough to match with time.


In your office, you need to perform well from time to time as it proves your productivity level. But there is a time when you fail to comply with time. In that regard, prospective companies came into the front with the notion of time tracking software.


The timesheet apps perform more than tracking the working hours of employees, rather they perform a whole set of functions that outstandingly privilege the company in terms of growth.


Therefore, the below low down points would underline some attributes related to the timesheet app.

Win the race of time with the advanced time tracking software: A time tracker is a modern-age tool to motivate the employees to put their best endeavor.​​​​​​​


The timesheet apps are the idyllic time management software. It is because the app effectively manages tasks like invoicing, payroll management, and maintaining the attendance report. In fact, it allows the user to use the PDF, CSV and all other different formats at their convenience.

Online invoice preparation:

The automated software is designed to prepare the billable hours for the clients. It does so with precision based on hours and minutes. In fact, the software precisely puts up the bill without any error. In addition, the best part is that there is no human interference; therefore, the plausibility of mistakes is less. The employees only need to input the check-in / out and the software will process everything according to the dates.

  • Analysis and report:

The time tracking software is programmed to comprehend all types of relevant data and analyze that with accuracy. The software puts up the data in order, which makes it easily readable as well. In fact, the time tracking app facilitates the manager by allowing them to prepare a comprehensive report including the charts and graphs. The noteworthy app offers easy customization of the analytical report. Note that the personalized report from the software assists the company to achieve its target in regards to both managing projects and tracking time.

  • Well, integration:

It is a known fact that a company has more than one department therefore each department is equipped with modern-day tools. In that regard, the time tracking software has to be equally compatible to work in sync with the said tools. To your surprise, the cutting-edge time tracker will well integrate with other types of software. Together, they intelligently track the project and manage the employees unfailingly. On the whole, the time tracking software offers a detailed insight into the employee's productivity and accomplishment.

  • Timely notification:

The time tracking software also alerts the employees regarding the assignment deadlines so that they can accomplish that on time. Honestly, the tracker inspires the employees to take their projects diligently. The best is that the software is coded to send an automated notification to the employee email address and mobile numbers.

Final say:

A time tracker is a modern-age tool to motivate the employees to put their best endeavor.




  • For companies of 5 - 25 employees
  • Locally and in the cloud
  • Also for reporting, budget monitoring, vacation tracking and billing
  • Licenses for 5 to 50 users
  • starting at € 180 per year, ex VAT, incl. support


  • For organizations of 25 - 1,000 employees
  • Locally, on your server and in the cloud
  • Also for reporting, budget monitoring, vacation tracking and billing
  • Offline work possible
  • Incl. Accrual option
  • Licenses for 10 to unlimited number of users
  • starting from € 780 per year, ex VAT, incl. support


  • For personal use only
  • Locally and in the cloud
  • Standard reports possible
  • Free with 1 user
  • Support for payment