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TimeWriter – The Best Employee Time Tracking Software

Williumson  September 3, 2022 5 min read 

Being punctual demonstrates your dependability as well as your ability to be trusted.

These are important characteristics that both friends and employers seek. It also demonstrates your ability to organise and manage your time effectively.

Important social rules and conventions must be followed.

Employee Time tracking is the process by which organisations record the working hours of hourly employees ensure that they are properly compensated for their time.

Increases accountability among working teams by informing their employers of important details such as which employees completed specific tasks when the jobs were completed.

how much time was spent on each job.

encourages employees to be more accountable.

allows you to see who is working overtime, who finished their task ahead of schedule, and who needs to spend a little more time on a task.

leads to increased productivity because everyone helps each other finish their work on time.

However, if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that time tracking can provide more than just payroll data and business insights into time spent.

especially if it’s linked to your project management software.


Need Of Employee Time Tracking

You’ve probably heard it before – keep track of your time! Time tracking is essential for understanding how you spend your time, both personally and professionally. It is essential for productivity, insight, and a smooth workflow. This applies to everyone in an organisation or society in general. Keeping track of your time is critical whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a team member. However, when it comes to business, many questions arise, such as: How do I track time? What is the most effective employee time tracking software? How do I set up project time tracking?

How to Introduce Employee Time Tracking?

Before implementing timekeeping, consider how everyone will react to the news. attempts to monitor someone’s activity at work are usually met with hostility.

despite the numerous benefits, any type of time management reporting is likely to elicit resistance from the team due to the perception that they will be constantly monitored.

this reaction is caused by a lack of understanding of how the data will be used. ome may be concerned that their timesheets will be used against them and that they are being introduced on purpose for micromanagement.

We cannot emphasise enough how important communication is in navigating change. Detailing the true reasons for implementing time tracking can help you gain team support.

Successful leaders go to great lengths to demonstrate that time tracking benefits both individuals and businesses.

team members can use time tracking to work toward their personal and collective goals, and spend time where the most value is created, both personally and professionally.

Managers use time tracking insights to gain comprehensive picture of their team’s peak performance, overall well-being and productivity, and even task distribution.

As an executive, use time-tracking insights and data to steer your organisation in the right direction.

put a strategy into action, and ensure that every individual manager and team member understands and pulls the organisation together, not apart, towards the same mission and vision.

That is the recipe for a successful business.

Employee Time Tracking Software

Time-tracking software is a type of computer software that allows employees to record the amount of time they spend on tasks or projects.

Many industries use the software, including those that employ freelancers and hourly workers. Professionals who bill their clients by the hour also use it. Ecommerce Business Employee time tracking software allows you to precisely estimate the amount of time spent on projects. It allows you to see who worked on a specific task/project when they worked on it, and for how long.

Employee time tracking software improves project management in the present and the future. Let me explain. You are currently working on a project with your team

As part of your monitoring phase, you keep track of activities.

your plan, and hopefully the hours spent by your team on each activity.

Knowing where your team is investing their time informs client conversations about budget spending

team discussions about time allocation, and even resource scheduling conversations with other DPMs vying for your resources.

once this project is completed, you will undoubtedly embark on another adventure, and the cycle will begin again.

The time you and your team tracked will now be used to inform future project estimates.

more accurate price and time-related conversations with the client.

As a result, using time tracking tools is an important part of a DPM’s toolbox. It is up to you whether you want a best-of-breed solution or an all-in-one solution.

What do We provide?

Our TimeWriter is a complete and easy-to-use system for tracking, billing, budgeting, and tracking hours from anywhere.

TimeWriter is suitable for Windows and Mac and is available in desktop and mobile clients for your employee time tracking software needs.

with versions for smaller and larger organisations.