Satisfied Customers

Those who perform hour tracking with TimeWriter are guaranteed to become one of many satisfied customers. After all, clients have the software to try for free for 2 months. This way they know exactly how it works, whether it meets their requirements and fits their organization. If they are completely satisfied, they will receive the license at the end of the trial. Our wish is that buyers never regret the purchase, and we always have satisfied customers!

Customers give TimeWriter an 8.8b

Getting satisfied customers is one thing, keeping them happy is another. That's why we also do our utmost to help you if there are any questions or issues. We manage this in many ways, including a brief survey we send all of our users a few months after their purchase. With now more than 100 comments, the average rating for TimeWriter is 8.8. And we are very pleased with that!

Customer Comments

A selection of the reactions of our satisfied customers is below. All comments can be found on our website. Let's hope we soon add your happy feedback to this overview of satisfied customers!


"An example for any software vendor"

Thank you very much for the quick response and the right advice. Everything works again as before. Perfect… keep your product just as it is."
Peter van de Steenoven  (consultancynet)

"In addition to all Timewriter functionality, I find your fast service really great advertising." 
"Super thank you for your very quick response. In addition to all Timewriter functionality, I find your fast service really great advertising. Feel free to place this quote on your website and note it is from a satisfied customer."
Tanja Piera  ( Innotact )

"This is what I need!"

"When you see TimeWriter for the first time, you think immediately: This is what I need, an easy-to-use, time-tracking system. In practice, new users find it easy to find their hours with TimeWriter. But users who used our previous list based system still had problems with the clear visual link with the calendar hours. They prefer to book 4 hours a day in one block instead of several small blocks. The dependence between activities, projects and customers still gives rise to some startup problems, but in the meantime, we are becoming more familiar with this classification. The reporting capabilities are very comprehensive and easily configurable. There is the greatest added value for us. "
Peter Oude Ophuis ( DiVa BV )

"Great tool!"

""We've been working with TimeWriter for a couple of weeks now, and I've rarely seen such a problem-poor implementation. Great tool!" 

Jos Vaessens,(synco biopartners)

"The paid version is really super!"

"I've been working for a while with the free version, which was already good, but the paid version is really great. I have not found anything for improvement. I can hardly imagine that I will encounter any issues. I have not read the manual yet, but maybe I will to get new ideas, in which case I will send you an email. At that time I have been looking forward to TimeWriter because of the 'real-time hours' capability."

"TimeWriter satisfies these requirements."

"The Backbone was looking for a package that could support internal processes in the tracking of hours. The package had to be intuitive and certainly not cumbersome. TimeWriter meets these requirements. TimeWriter is used within The Backbone for capturing hours which are made for services and projects. The registered hours are internally approved and then used for billing to customers and measuring spent hours. To make this as efficient as possible, The Backbone has developed its own reports that are used within TimeWriter Report. "
Martin Meijer, (The Backbone)

"Everyone is very satisfied"

"My compliments for this application. We're not working for two weeks yet, and yet everyone is very pleased with ease of use and the results we've seen so far. In particular, the way in which the application is made using field definitions in combination with the great reporting opportunities is ideal! Thanks for this. " 
Forest & Fields IT B.V.

"The investment in TimeWriter has already been recovered after two months!"

With pleasure, I send a review on TimeWriter: When choosing a time tracking system, we compared our criteria to five different tracking systems. TimeWriter succeeded gloriously! In terms of user-friendliness, registration mode, extensive control and reporting capabilities and price / quality ratio, no competitive system has been found. In addition, the speed of responding and the correct answering of questions from XSO is an added benefit."

Frank Kuijper (New Limit Database Solutions B.V.)



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