TimeWriter Standard

TimeWriter Standard is the basic package for hourly tracking. It's an excellent foundation for keeping up with hours, making invoices, and managing and tracking budgets in organizations of up to 25 employees. With an attractive price and ease of use and management, this is the perfect package for easy and simple access to hours and up-to-date information required.


With TimeWriter Standard, you have access to all the necessary features and capabilities. For example, you can manage:

  • Billing
  • Recordkeeping
  • Budgets
  • Hours associated with grants
  • Different roles assigned to different users (i.e. administrator and user)
  • And much more…



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Work In the Cloud…

With TimeWriter Standard, you can also work on the cloud. The database is located on a XSO server and you can view, edit or add information from any location. This can be done either through a desktop client or via a web client.

...Or Work local With Multiple Users

If you wish to use TimeWriter with multiple users, this version can operate locally. The program will be on a shared network within your company, and you will have direct access to your database. In this case, you can only use the desktop client.

TimeWriter Standard Pricing

When you choose TimeWriter Standard, you pay for the license on an annual basis. Costs are based on the total number of users. This license agreement will be renewed automatically unless you terminate the agreement prior to renewal. As a reminder, you receive an email every two months before the end of the licensing period.



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TimeWriter Standard - 2 Months Free Trial

Do you want to know if the TimeWriter is right your organization? Try it out for free! Download it now, use all of the Standard Version options and after this free trial, decide if you want to continue to use it. Need to know more? Just get in touch!