TimeWriter Pro

The software package TimeWriter Pro is ideally suited for larger companies. It is industry-independent and can be used in many different applications thanks to its extensive functionality. With a database for hours tracking, all kinds of reports, tables and overviews are possible and you have current and up to date insight into your company's numbers.


TimeWriter Pro, of course, offers you all the features that your larger organization needs. In addition to billing, it allows you to track vacation and/or sick days, monitor budgets, and also:


  • Hours associated with grants
  • Work with groups in which rights are granted on an individual or group basis
  • Track on and offline hours with the desktop client
  • Approve and lock hourly bookings by managers
  • Assign an unlimited number of roles to different users
  • And much more




Database in the Cloud

Database in the Cloud..

With TimeWriter Pro, you can also work in the cloud. The database is located on one of our servers so that you can always access, modify, or add data from any location. This can be done through a desktop client but also with the web client.

Locally Through Web or Desktop Client

Alternately, you can access TimeWriter locally with multiple users through a desktop or web client. With TimeWriter Pro, you can access your database using a desktop as well as a multi-user web client. For that reason, we place the database on a machine that is configured as an application server. The clients do not communicate directly with the database. If you want to use this via a web client and the public Internet, a feature (open port) in your firewall is necessary.

Unlimited Possibilities

Various options within TimeWriter Pro offer unlimited possibilities. Thus, you can assign an unlimited number of roles to groups or individual users, but also create an unlimited number of user fields to capture extra gaps in the database. You have up to five different viewpoints and the number of users can be expanded to an unlimited amount.

Minimum System Requirements

For TimeWriter Pro, the following minimum system requirements apply:
Network: A (business) network containing one or more computers that can communicate through the so-called TCP / IP protocol.
Server: WinXP, Win2003, Win2008 or Win2012. For up to a 100 users a desktop version is sufficient. For over a 100 users a server version of Windows is needed. This does not apply if you use the cloud database.
Client: Any Windows version is sufficient. Mac OSX requires version 10.8 and above. UNIX / LINUX machines can only book and / or report hours via the Internet browser.

TimeWriter Pro Pricing

For TimeWriter Pro, users will require an annual license. Pricing depends on the number of users. The license agreement will be renewed automatically unless you terminate the agreement prior to renewal. For this purpose, you will always receive an e-mail reminder two months before the end of the license.



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TimeWriter Pro, Free Trial For 2 Months

Now try the TimeWriter Pro completely free of charge. This will help you discover the many possibilities and / or your wishes for your organization. This trial starts as soon as you download TimeWriter. During that period, you can use it with all the options, and then decide whether or not you want to continue using it. Do you need more information? Just get in touch!