The hourly registration software

With always the right information ready, you know exactly where you are. Wherever you are or where your employees are. We will arrange for you with TimeWriter; The software for hours registration for small and large companies. User-friendly, versatile, complete and also very suitable for billing, budget monitoring and leave registration.

All important information in 1 place

With TimeWriter, you do not have any additional resources to be consulted to get all the information, so from now on, you'll find everything in 1 database. And that has many advantages:

  • Faster access to all available information
  • More insight due to possible links between all information and many reporting options
  • Enter more efficiently because no separate lists must be kept
  • Fewer errors and more reliable information because fewer actions are needed
  • Versatile due to the flexibility of the system

Billing and budget monitoring

With TimeWriter, you can easily and easily customize invoices. The invoices are made up in your corporate identity and you decide whether billing rules are grouped or taken into account on the invoice. Information from TimeWriter can also be easily exported to many accounting packages such as QuickStart or Exact. And because you are always informed about the current status, hours and costs incurred, you can monitor your budgets and check projects in between.



Billing and budget monitoring

Hours account for received grants

Have you received a government subsidy, such as e.g. In the context of the WBSO Then you will be expected to have a proper hourly accountability. TimeWriter is a great tool for this. This allows you to record the time spent per employee and / or per project, and simply makes clear reports about the hours spent.



Database access via the cloud

Database access via the cloud

Always have access to all your data, that's when you work through the cloud. With TimeWriter, you have a cloud database, regardless of the version you are using. The database is with us on the server and can be reached from any location anywhere in the world. Do you prefer to work locally but with multiple users? Then you can. So user-friendly, because you just target TimeWriter as you like.

Try it yourself, 2 months free

TimeWriter is available in 2 versions; The TimeWriter Standard for Businesses to about 25 Employees and TimeWriter Pro with more options, meeting the more complex requirements of larger organizations. All functionalities and differences are clearly elaborated in the product overview. Would you like to experience that yourself? Try it free for 2 months or call us for more information.