Many businesses struggle to accurately track employee payroll hours. The use of traditional timeclocks and outdated punch cards can exacerbate this challenge – they’re far from being the most accurate tools available. A time recording app can simplify matters and ensure that your business is able to track payroll correctly. You can also benefit in many other ways.

Time Recording App​​​​​​​

Track Time Your Way

With XSO’s TimeWriter time recording app, you can track time in any way that you might need, from hours per customer to hours per project, hours per employee, or even hours per project. 

Drill into Reporting

Our time recording app offers powerful reporting that can be configured in the format of your choice. This allows you to easily drill down into time information and verify everything from profitability to areas where too much time is being spent.

Mobile Access

In today’s world, businesses must be agile, and that means leveraging mobile technology. Our time recording app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, and can be used with smartphones or tablets to foster the agility and easy access to time information you need to see success.

Geared for Your Business

Our time recording app is available in a standard version, which is ideal for businesses with up to 25 employees, as well as a pro version, which is designed to handle the needs of businesses with up to 1,000 employees. 

Ready to experience the difference that a time recording app can make in your business? We invite you to get in touch with XSO today and learn more about TimeWriter Standard or TimeWriter Pro.