Chances are good that you already track time in your business. It’s vital for making payroll for hourly employees, and it’s important for billing clients, as well. However, a full-fledged employee time tracking system can help your business flourish in ways that a simple time clock, punch card system or basic time tracking software cannot. What should you know?

Employee Time Tracking System​​​​​​​

It Allows for Growth

One of the most important benefits of an employee time tracking system is that it allows for growth. With the ability to add user-defined fields, this software grows with your company, scaling up as you develop new product or service offerings.

It Allows for Control

Another benefit of an employee time tracking system is the fact that it can provide you with better control over all aspects of your operation. You can assign or disallow specific activities, tasks and projects per client or customer, set permissions and authorizations for specific employees, and more. 

It Provides Peace of Mind

The right time tracking software does more than just enhance control and foster growth. It can provide peace of mind. This is due to the ability to generate custom reports that allow you to dig down into data concerning the time required to complete processes, where time is being wasted, areas where additional time should be spent, and more. Seeing the bigger picture truly offers greater peace of mind about your business’ success.

These are just a few of the ways that an employee time tracking system can help your business flourish. We invite you to learn more about TimeWriter, and the benefits it can deliver through advanced functionality and innovative features.