Time tracking software is available from a considerable number of vendors today. All of them promise to streamline your tracking needs, provide more control, and give you visibility into your business processes, but they don’t necessarily all do that. It’s vital that you choose the right platform for your business, but how do you tell if you’ve chosen the right time tracking software?

Time Tracking Software​​​​​​​

It Delivers Accuracy

Perhaps the best measure of a software platform’s quality is whether or not it provides you with accurate time tracking that fits with your business’ needs and workflows. Can you track time by employee? What about per project or per product? What about per client or customer? It’s essential that the software you choose gives you the ability to track time in the ways that matter most for your company.

It Delivers Customization Options

Your company’s needs in terms of time tracking software will vary significantly from those of another business. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all software solution to time tracking needs, either. Because of that, you should have the ability to customize the software to better reflect not only your time tracking requirements, but your needs in terms of reporting, information aggregation, and ease of use.

It’s Easily Accessible

You shouldn’t be forced to use your time tracking software only on a workstation at a desk in your office. Today’s businesses demand mobility and agility – software that can be accessed through a web browser ensures that you’re able to track time and access reports on the go. It’s even more convenient if you can tie that in to mobile apps for use with smartphones and tablets.

Don’t think there’s a time tracking software option out there that measures up to these requirements? TimeWriter does. We invite you to take a closer look at what we can offer.